"The Nicest Dutch Vineyard In New Zealand"

"The Nicest Dutch Vineyard In New Zealand"

"In the heart of New Zealand's famous Central Otago wine growing region you will find the RuRu Wines vineyard. This Dutch winery owned by Ronald and Lucienne has been producing high-quality wines for about 12 years, with a unique twist. 

Are you near Clyde? Then I definitely recommend that you do a delicious wine tasting here. You will not only receive a very friendly welcome from Ronald and Lucienne, but you will also enjoy their delicious wines. 

For 10 NZD per person (approximately €6) you can have a tasting and of course you can take a (cold) bottle with you afterwards."

The special story of Ruru Wines (Immigrant's Vineyard) can be seen on Grand Designs New Zealand

Did you know that Ronald and Lucienne built their beautiful house including a tasting room themselves with their son? This was all captured by Grand Designs New Zealand. Ronald and Lucienne themselves write the following about it:

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