Our Central Otago Vineyard

Nestled in the heart of Central Otago, Immigrant's Vineyard is our labor of love. With 19 hectares of land to our name, we've carefully cultivated 16 hectares primarily dedicated to the robust Pinot Noir grapes that Central Otago is renowned for.

The remaining 4 hectares are devoted to Pinot Gris, with a dash of Gewürztraminer and Chardonnay.

You might have seen our journey to building Immigrant's Vineyard on Grand Designs New Zealand! Well, here is even more of a story...


Our soil, a mix of sandy and loamy, is quintessentially Central Otago, giving our wines a distinctive character.

We're proud members of Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand®, a certification that comes with rigorous external audits, and we're delighted to say we are fully certified as "Sustainable."

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The Ruru Story

From 2015, our Ruru label has been gracing bottles, and our journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

We meticulously hand-pick grapes with low yields, and with the expertise of winemaker Antony Worch from Alexandra Vintners, we craft each grape into beautiful wines that capture the essence of our land.

Birds hold a special place in our hearts, particularly the Ruru. We're passionate sponsors of the Wingspan National Bird of Prey Centre. Their work is truly remarkable; you can learn more about them here: www.wingspan.co.nz

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Award Winning Central Otago Wines

Our hard work has truly paid off.... according to the experts.

Our wines consistently earn rave reviews, boasting scores above 90/100 points across the range. We've also secured several prestigious awards, including Gold Medals in the New World Wine Awards, Air New Zealand Wine Awards, and NZ International Wine Show, as well as a Silver in the Decanter World Wine Awards.

Our Unique Place In The World Of Vineyards

Immigrant's Vineyard is a unique gem, one of the most southern vineyards globally, snugly situated between the charming towns of Alexandra and Clyde in Central Otago. The Alexandra basin is celebrated for its warm days and brisk nights, a climate that imparts our wines with intense flavors, striking color, and a robust structure. The slower grape ripening process maintains the acidity, delivering exceptional quality.

Even in the heat of summer, our vineyard isn't immune to frost, requiring frost fighting to protect our precious crop. The harvest arrives later, typically at the end of April to early May. As the seasons change, birds descend upon the valley in search of food. To safeguard our ripening berries, from late February until harvest, our entire vineyard is meticulously swathed in protective nets.

At Immigrant's Vineyard, we're committed to crafting remarkable wines, preserving the land, and cherishing the beauty of the Central Otago region.

Cheers to an enduring journey, rooted in passion and a love for the land!

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