The Faces Behind The Vines

We are the (no-nonsense) couple behind Ruru Wines & Immigrant's Vineyard.

Our story is simple – it's about hard work, a love for good wine, and the pursuit of making Central Otago wines that won't break the bank.

You might have seen our journey to building Immigrant's Vineyard on Grand Designs New Zealand! Well, here is even more of a story...

About Us

Roland and I (Lucienne) hail from the Netherlands, where we crossed paths in 1979 during our university days. Fast forward to 1986, and we found ourselves in the stunning landscapes of New Zealand, ready to embrace new adventures. We're proud parents of two boys, both thriving in the North Island.

I studied viticulture studies in Hawke's Bay and after working in hospitality and retail, the desire to nurture something of our own began. In 2013, we took the leap and acquired our vineyard.,

The year 2015 marked a milestone as we unveiled the first Ruru Wines. Our mantra was clear from the start – to make Central Otago wines that are not just outstanding but also budget-friendly. Some in the industry may have called us "too cheap," but we're here to show that great wine doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag. Cheers to our journey!

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Where it started...

In 2013, we took the plunge and bought this vineyard in a mortgagee sale.

The vines were on the brink, with no fruit and a distinct yellow hue. The "canopy" was nowhere to be found.

Our soil isn't fancy; it's a mix of sand, stones, and a bit of loam on the bottom terrace.

We knew we had a massive job ahead – not just saving the vines but also caring for the land.

We're not obsessed with being organic; we're sustainable and practical.

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Affordable Central Otago Wines

Making wine takes passion, and we've got it in spades. We're not the type to brag about our vineyard work, but we're clear about our mission.

Our goal has always been straightforward – to make top-notch, affordable Central Otago wines.

Some say we're too cheap, but we don't care. Despite what critics might spout, we're here to challenge the norms and give you great wine without the hefty price tag.

We don't shout it from the rooftops, but our wines speak for themselves. It's not about the cost; it's about the heart we put into each bottle.

Cheers to affordable, fantastic Central Otago wines!

We're not obsessed with being organic; we're sustainable and practical. Believe it or not, our soil still hosts a bustling worm population.

We've got some smart ways to keep weeds in check and reduce tractor traffic. Fewer passes mean less soil compaction and a smaller carbon footprint. Plus, we're not fans of overusing copper, a heavy metal found in organic farming. We don't touch the stuff.

Right from the start, we've been all about sustainability. We feed soil microbes with fermented fish spray, let sheep graze and fertilise in winter, and use organic sprays. We've even got non-organic backups for emergencies.

Our Grand Designs New Zealand Journey

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